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7 Detox Water Ingredients That Will Yield Results Instantly

Detox water is becoming a popular way to lose weight and there are many reasons behind it. For one, this type of water is infused with ingredients to help boost weight loss and offers many other benefits as well.

It tastes great and some people say it helps rid the body of harmful chemicals. For anyone who wants to do a water detox, it is important to have a reason for doing so and knowing the right ingredients to use is the first and most important step.

Detox Water May Yield Instant Results

1. Detox Cleansing Helps Improve Focus

There are some people who have said detox waters improve their focus. This is generally only the case when combining the detox water with healthy eating.

When detoxing the body, toxins are being released which helps the body to have a clearer mind. During the process of detoxing, unhealthy foods are eliminated from the diet and healthier foods are introduced. Due to this fact and the consumption of detox water, focus is sure to be improved. (1)

2. Detox Cleansing Helps Boost Energy

In addition to boosted focus, many people who have gone on a detox water diet, have stated they have a boost in energy as well. This goes hand in hand with the benefit of improved focus. When unhealthy foods are traded in for healthier foods, the body has more energy-boosting foods to feed off .(1)

3. Detox Cleansings Helps You Get Started with a Healthier Lifestyle

Another reason to use detox water recipes is to start up a healthier lifestyle. When drinking detox water daily and going on a detox diet, you are making healthier eating decisions. You are also drinking healthy infused water regularly as well. Making these decisions helps you get started with healthier living. (1)

4. Detox Cleansing Increases Intake of Water

When detox cleansing, you are also increasing your intake of water. There are many benefits of drinking more water that go beyond simply losing weight. Improved energy, reduced chance of health problems, clearer mind, better sleep, and many other benefits come along with drinking more water.

5. Detox Cleansings Helps with Improving Certain Health Conditions

Detox cleansings also help with the improvement of certain health conditions. Studies have shown that some of the detox water benefits are losing weight, reducing high cholesterol, managing diabetes, reducing high blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. (2)

7 Detox Water Ingredients That Will Yield Results Instantly

Improving your health, losing weight and gaining all the other health benefits mentioned can be done through the detox water diet. The ingredients below are excellent choices in detox water recipes.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the ingredients to put in detox water for weight loss is apple cider vinegar. Studies have shown that drinking one cup of apple cider vinegar each day helps with losing more weight. Additionally, these studies have shown this ingredient helps to manage blood sugar levels which also helps with weight loss. (3)

2. Cucumbers

Cucumber detox water is another option for weight loss. Research has shown that consumption of vegetables and fruits helps lower the risk of various health disorders. Studies show that eating more cucumbers and other plant-based foods lowers the risk of diabetes and obesity. These studies also show decreased weight in those who eat more cucumbers. (4)

3. Grapefruit

Does detox water work? Research shows that grapefruit detox water does. The studies show that consuming more grapefruit and pure grapefruit juice helps lower body weight. In studies done on obese patients, those who consumed more grapefruit over twelve weeks, lost more weight than those who did not. (5) Grapefruit also boosts energy levels and improves concentration.

4. Blueberries

Another homemade detox water option is made with blueberries. Studies show those who eat blueberries regularly lose more abdominal fat than those who don’t. Additionally, blueberries help with the management of diabetes and reducing cholesterol levels too. (6)

5. Apples

A detox water energy boost can also come from water infused with apples. Studies show that those who are overweight and eat apples three times every day over the course of twelve weeks, lost more weight than those who didn’t do this (7). Apples also help improve focus, reduce fatigue and improve overall health as well.

6. Watermelon

Various studies have been done to show the benefits of eating more vegetables and fruits. Foods such as watermelon make for great infusions in detox water. This type of detox water recipe helps with weight loss, reducing heart disease and treating symptoms of diabetes. (8)

7. Ginger

Research also shows weight loss detox water with ginger in it makes a difference. It helps in the reduction of inflammation, managing blood glucose levels, reducing stomach issues, reducing feelings of hunger and helping to lower overall weight. Ginger increases the thermic effect on the body which means it heats up the body helping to induce more weight loss. (9)

Quick and Easy Detox Water Recipes

As you can tell, there are many ingredients that can be added to detox water to help induce weight loss and offer many other health benefits too. Learn how to make some amazing detox water recipes today.

1. Mango-Ginger Detox Water Recipe

One of the best detox water recipes is mango-ginger water. This helps in boosting metabolism, memory and digestive functioning. It is easy to make as well. You only need 1 inch of ginger root that is sliced and peeled and 1 cup of fresh mango. Add that into a pitcher of water and let it soak.

2. Orange and Blueberry Detox Water Recipe

The orange and blueberry detoxing water recipe is another excellent choice. The mandarin oranges have a lot of Vitamin C which boost metabolism. Blueberries have antioxidants in them which increases overall health and curbs hunger too. For this recipe, you only need 2 of the mandarin oranges that have been sliced and a scoop of blueberries. Add those into the pitcher of water and the recipe is finished.

3. Cinnamon-Apple Detox Water Recipe

Another great tasting detox water for flat belly is the cinnamon-apple detox water. This tastes great and has a ton of benefits for your health too. It is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. The apples help reduce hypertension, symptoms of diabetes and help with weight loss too. This recipe is made with 1 sliced apple without the seeds and 1 cinnamon stick. Add those into the pitcher of water and drink it up.


There are many reasons to drink detox water. Just make sure when you do, you incorporate it into an overall healthy diet. The above-mentioned detox water recipes are healthy, tasteful and easy to make. Drinking these in the morning and evening will help boost weight loss and provide you with a host of other health benefits too.


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