10 Underrated Detox Products You Haven’t Heard of Yet (+ Should You Use Them?)

Detox diets have been surging in popularity over the last few years due to the impact they can have on health and appearance. With this rise in popularity comes a wave of products that article on the market for those just starting out on a detox or cleanse, or those who are repeating the process for further results.

However, this increase in the number of products available for detoxes means that many effective items can go unnoticed, or enjoy a much more limited amount of attention.

This can lead to you giving out more money for items that may be overhyped, or nowhere near as good as their cheaper competitors. Meanwhile, you may be missing out on a more effective, yet cheaper, deal that could get you better results, and make your detox a lot more pleasant.

We’ve created a list of some of the most underrated detox products that you can buy for a low price. This will help keep your detox diet effective and affordable. It may also help you discover a new product line that you can go to for your next detox.

10 Underrated Detox Products You Haven’t Heard of Yet

1. Liv-52 by Himalaya

This is definitely one of the most underrated, if not the most underrated, detox product in the world. Multiple scientific studies have shown that this item can not only help preserve stress for certain amino acids in the liver, but also boost its functioning. (1)

It also helps increase the excretion of certain chemicals and toxins, while also reducing their negative effects on the body. (2)

This meets every definition of a detox and yet, it is rarely mentioned by advocates of the diets. Instead, it is more widely used by health enthusiasts and bodybuilders who are trying to protect their organs from damage from steroid use. But, if you’re interested in getting more out of your detox, you should definitely include this low-cost herbal mix.

2. A. Vogel Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has been one of the more popular elements in a detox diet. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not underrated.

Usually, milk thistle has been thought to do much of the same thing as the above liv-52 herbal mix, in helping promote liver health and improve its functioning in detoxing the body. However, it can also improve cardiovascular health by improving cholesterol levels. (3,4)

It may also help promote health and anti-aging by reducing inflammation. These all give further reason as to why milk thistle should be a staple in any detox diet.

3. MyProtein Organic Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is a great addition to any detox or cleanse diet. The soluble form of fiber is essential for aiding digestion, particularly during periods of low food intake, as is common with detoxes.

This can aid in the regular excretion of waste from the body, which will include chemicals and toxins which could be harmful to the body if allowed to accumulate unchecked.

It can also help reduce hunger by extending the stomach and causing an increase in hormones that tell your brain that it’s full. This can help make your detox easier to manage and help keep you more consistent with your diet. (5,6)

4. Nutricology Cellulose Fibre

Nutricology’s insoluble fiber mixture can help you with your detox by impacting gut health. This is because insoluble fiber can help nourish the healthy bacteria in the gut. (7)

This can aid your detox by improving nutrient absorption and boosting energy and mood levels. It may also be even more beneficial for hunger than insoluble fiber, as one study has shown. (8)

Fiber also helps promote regularity, so if you

5. Mariko Green Tea

Green tea is another well-known, yet often underrated, detox product. This is because while it can help promote excretion of chemicals and toxins, as well as improve liver health, there are a number of other benefits.

Green tea can help directly increase fat burning, protect you from cancer, and decrease your chances of getting diabetes, as well as boosting the sensitivity of your muscles to certain nutrients. (9) It can also help boost energy levels, and reduce hunger thanks to the caffeine it contains. (10) Meanwhile, it can reduce inflammation and help boost the immune system.

All of these benefits make Mariko’s green tea and essential addition to any detox diet, whether your goals are physique or health improvement.

6. Bulk Powders Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is well known as a toxin-absorbing substance. (11) This is the reason why many people take activated charcoal capsules with the detoxes. However, the substance also has a number of lesser known perks that can be useful in a detox diet.

Some of these include reducing cholesterol and keeping bowel movement regular to help you avoid constipation and aid digestion. (12) For the relatively low cost of BulkPowders activated charcoal, this makes it a very diverse and easy addition to make to your detox.

7. NowFoods Beef Gelatin

This is another surprising addition to this list. But, gelatin has a number of benefits that make it perfect for a detox, whether for fitness, aesthetic or health purposes.

Taking in NowFoods beef gelatin can help boost collagen synthesis. (13) Collagen is one of the main components used in growth and repair of skin, tendons, and ligaments. This means that adding gelatin can help slow down aging, prevent injuries, and improve skin health.

8. Simply Organic Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most important spices that can be added to any diet, whether detox or not. It can increase sensitivity of the cells to certain nutrients and could help improve mental health and mood. (14,15)

All of this makes cinnamon an often underrated, and underused, ingredient for detox diets, particularly detox water diets.

9. Starwest Botanical Organic Cumin Seeds

Cumin is another underrated spice. It can have a beneficial effect on heart and mental health and may protect against certain mental illnesses. (16,17) Hence, cumin offers an easy way to boost the nutritional profile of your detox.

Like the above spice, choosing Starwest’s organic option will make sure that the spice is free from pesticides for further health benefits and a lower risk of issues like cancer and increased inflammation.

10. The Spice Hunter Mint Leaves

Mint is yet another popular, yet often misunderstood and underrated, herb that can be included in a good detox diet. The simple herb can help with everything from inflammation and disease prevention to indigestion. (18)

This herb is one of the most diverse ingredients that can, and should, be added to every detox, regardless of your aims. Its role in decreasing inflammation can help improve health, while aiding digestion can help with weight loss.

The herb may also help prevent diseases like cancer from occurring. So, for an easy, low-cost way of boosting the effectiveness of your detox, try adding some mint.

Take Home Points

The rise in popularity of detoxes has made it difficult to know which products are worth their money, or which are underrated. By including more underrated products, like those seen above, you can save some money while also improving the quality of your detox.

This can help you make more progress with less work, and allow a more pleasant detox experience overall.


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