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10 Evidence-Based Benefits of Strawberries for Overall Health

Many people who take on a detox are unaware of exactly how they work—or worse still, don’t even know what is in the mixtures they’re eating or drinking. This makes it incredibly difficult to know a good diet from a bad one.

Analyzing each individual component that goes into a detox drink or detox diet can help you understand how your protocol is helping you, and how each detox ingredient works to provide you with the health and fitness benefits you need.

One common ingredient you may have seen included in many detox water recipes is strawberries.

Strawberries offer many unique health benefits and are also extremely low calorie, not to mention affordable. Their vitamin and micronutrient profile make them a great addition to any diet, whether it’s a detox diet or just a regular diet plan.

10 Health Benefits of Strawberries

1. Strawberries can suppress appetite.

One of the biggest benefits of strawberries is their fiber content. This little fruit contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. These serve a wide range of functions in the body. (1) But, along with having many roles in the body, they are also tough to break down and digest. Sounds negative? It’s actually a benefit.

Strawberries can absorb water and slow down digestive processes while expanding the stomach. This causes a number of signals to be sent to the brain, reducing hunger and cravings. (2)

If weight loss is your goal, strawberries are a big help and should be added to your diet as frequently as possible.

2. Strawberries can help prevent inflammation.

Inflammation can cause many health problems, such as cell damage and even an increased risk of diseases like diabetes and mental illness. (3)

Enter another powerful property of strawberries: their high vitamin C content. One of the benefits of this nutrient is its ability to fight inflammation, keeping its nasty symptoms at bay. (4)

3. Strawberries help promote the growth of good gut bacteria.

Soluble fiber is great for fighting hunger—but it can do so much more. Another function of this type of fiber is helping keep the natural bacteria in your gut healthy.

Bacteria plays a huge role in both physical and mental health, some of which is still just being discovered. (5) Including some strawberries into your diet can play a pivotal role in helping your health through improving your gut.

4. Strawberries help prevent constipation.

While the soluble fiber in strawberries is good for helping your natural bacteria, the insoluble fiber has some unique health benefits of its own. One of these is improving digestion and keeping bowel movement regular. (6)

This can help prevent constipation, which can be a very common problem in elderly individuals. Both young and old users can find benefit from incorporating these sweet berries into their diet.

5. Strawberries help boost the immune system.

The inflammation-fighting properties of strawberries will not only help protect the cells from damage but will also help the immune system when it’s fighting off an infection.

This is because viral or bacterial infections can cause a high degree of inflammation, which can slow down the immune system and prevent you from getting back to full health.

Consuming strawberries when recovering from an illness can help expedite recovery. (7)

6. Strawberries can boost nutrient absorption.

Unlike other foods that are devoid of nutrients and fiber, strawberries can aid gut bacteria and promote nutrient absorption in the gut.

This benefit is yet another highlight of the soluble fiber in the strawberries. By aiding nutrient absorption, these berries can help improve how much nourishment you get from both the berries themselves and other food you eat.

7. Strawberries can help fight (bad) cholesterol.

Adding strawberries to your detox water can help improve heart health as well. By reducing unhealthy LDL cholesterol, strawberries can help prevent plaque buildup in the arteries.

This can help prevent heart problems and keep your blood vessels healthy and supple. (8)

8. Strawberries are a natural diuretic.

The water content in strawberries is what makes them such a low-calorie fruit, but it’s also what makes them a great natural diuretic. By taking in extra strawberries, you can help increase urination and help prevent kidney and urinary tract infections. (9)

9. Strawberries can help lower blood pressure.

By combatting bad cholesterol and increasing urinating, strawberries can also add further benefit to your heart by reducing blood pressure. (10) This can further decrease the chances of any future heart issues and help improve your overall health.

10. Strawberries can help maintain nervous system health.

Along with being packed with vitamins, strawberries are also rich in minerals like potassium and manganese. These all help the nervous system function by aiding in conducting the electrical signals they carry. (11)

Strawberry Detox Water Recipes

Considering all the benefits that strawberries can provide, it’s obvious that they deserve a place in your water detox cleanse.

We put together a list of tasty and healthy detox water recipes for weight loss and health to help you when deciding how to add them to your cleanse.

1. Strawberry and Mango

For a sweet and citrus flavor, mixing mango into your strawberry detox water can help boost its vitamin C content and its nutritional profile.

2. Strawberry, Orange and Apple

Adding some orange and apple to your strawberry detox water is a great way to increase its insoluble fiber content and add a host of extra nutrients, particularly mineral content.

3. Strawberry and Mint

For a sharper flavor, adding mint can both give a more distinct flavor and provide more fiber and electrolytes, including magnesium. This will help give it a further boost when supporting your gut and nervous system.

4. Strawberry, Ginger and Cucumber

This mixture is packed with nutrients, including electrolytes, B vitamins, minerals and a good dose of fiber. The wide range of nutrients included in this combination makes it one of the healthiest on the list.

However, the ginger may add a strong taste—so it should be taken only by those who have a taste for ginger.

5. Strawberry and Pineapple

For an added boost to your immune system during winter months, this sweet combination is ideal. It adds the bromelain and antioxidants from the pineapple to the vitamin C content of the strawberries for extra protective effect.

The Final Word

Strawberries are an easy and low-cost ingredient that deserves to be added to any detox water cleanse for a flat stomach or improved health and well-being. Between killing hunger, protecting you from illness, and improving heart and nervous system health, this little fruit sure packs a strong punch.


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