9 Things To Be Sure of Before Attempting a Juice Cleanse

Today’s lifestyle brings with it an enormous amount of toxins. Although our bodies are well-equipped to deal with stressors, it is still an enormous amount of pressure to handle the multitude of chemicals, pollutants, food preservatives, medicines, and food additives present in our environment.

Organs like the liver and kidneys–the body’s built-in filtration system–are bombarded with all sorts of waste materials. The immune system, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of foreign invaders, succumb to feelings of sluggishness, fatigue, lethargy, stress, skin issues, excess weight, and frequent bouts of common illnesses.

This is the reality most working adults face. To cope, a juice cleanse or detox drink regimen is often recommended to reboot the system and to provide support to the body’s filtering system. A juice cleanse is an ideal way to help detoxification mechanisms, rehydrate the cells, and rejuvenate the body, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse, also often referred to as a juice fast, is a process and detox method wherein an individual takes in fruit and vegetable juices exclusively to acquire nutrition and sustenance. A juice cleanse could be as short as a few days, but could also last several weeks. (1)

It is an excellent way to provide our bodies a much needed respite from all the toxins that find their way into our diet, regardless of how vigilant we are at avoiding them.

Look at juice cleansing as a general cleaning for the body. Since the diet is in liquid form, the body is spared the process of digestion, and in turn, it can focus on getting rid of toxins that have accumulated. Juices saturate the body with much needed minerals, vitamins, as well as living enzymes. The body is thus encouraged to both rest and mend during this detox process.

How to Know if You Need a Juice Cleanse

1. You Struggle with Your Weight

Often times, all we need to do is to take a glance at the number shown on the weighing scale and see old pictures of ourselves from a few summers back to see if our bodies need detoxification. More often than not, weight and fat gain is directly related to poor eating habits and not getting in enough exercise. (2)

Junk food, fast food and processed food are filled with preservatives and empty calories that our bodies fail to get nourishment from. Instead, toxins get built up, fat gets accumulated in arteries, and before you know it, our health starts to deteriorate little by little.

You’ll be surprised to find out how effective a juice cleanse can be for weight loss! Many people have experienced a drop in weight by 3 pounds and even as much as 20 pounds all because of a juice cleanse. During this period, the body rids itself from toxins and is given the opportunity to gain back nutrients it has been deprived of.

2. You Have Low Energy

Having low energy can make life absolutely miserable. As a result, you may see a drastic decrease in productivity in the workplace, low grades for those who are studying, poor athletic performance for athletes, and may put you in a bad mood throughout the day.

Sluggishness, lethargy and brain fog are all signs that our bodies are deprived of nutrients or have built up excessive toxins. (3) In as little as two days you will feel a surge of new energy as a result of juicing, and this is not just a brief episode. It will be a more long-lasting and permanent vitality.

You will experience this due to the superior toxin removal provided by the juice fast, as well as getting more of the nutrition essentials required to mend and live a revitalized life.

3. You Suffer from Inflammation

Juice cleanses in several studies have been observed to reduce inflammation in the body. (4) Lingering inflammation is how our bodies react to the various toxins in the environment present in the air, food, water and products we consume. Eliminating these while adding the nutrients in a juice cleanse promotes toxin elimination and the rehabilitation of cells.

4. You Suffer from Chronic Ailments

Since our bodies are always dealing with toxins, stress is manifested in many chronic ailments we learn to live with. (5) Once immersed in a juice cleanse, one will observe the disappearance of chronic disturbances like headaches, common aches and pains, sinusitis, low energy, skin conditions, water retention, and digestive issues. Most if not all these chronic issues will resolve.

5. You Have Bad Skin

Experts agree that the skin is a direct reflection of our health inside the body. (6) Terrible skin is a sign that our bodies are deprived of certain vitamins and minerals or that there are excess toxins built up and stored due to poor lifestyle choices we make every single day.

If we don’t exercise regularly, ignore proper nutrition, and observe good sleeping habits, toxins and free radicals accumulate in the body. Purchasing a variety of skin care products can only do so much for us when the problem is coming from inside.

You don’t need to spend a hefty fee at the dermatologist to fix your skin problems. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple juice cleanse to see brighter, more youthful looking skin. (7)

6. Your Taste buds are Dulled

Have you ever noticed that meals start to taste the same especially when you frequently consume fast food and junk food? One reason for this is because many processed foods are made with the same preservatives and artificial ingredients.

A few days into a juice cleanse and you will be pleasantly astonished at how sharp your taste buds really are. Your new sensitivity to taste after a juice cleanse will allow you to dial back on so many artificial flavorings that are nothing but toxins in disguise. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy food more. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Things To Be Sure of Before Attempting a Juice Cleanse

1. Consult Your Doctor

Regardless of the method or how well you research the detox before implementing it , always consult your doctor beforehand. Our bodies are all different, and what works for one person could be harmful to the next.

Make certain to talk to your doctor so you can both go through possible complications and minor tweaks to tailor a juice cleanse program more suited for you. The last thing you want happening is having your juice cleanse backfire on you.

2. Get Some Exercise

Exercise is great for weight loss and is also a good detox process for the body. (8) It triggers improved blood flow, lymphatic circulation, better lung capacity, not to mention you will perspire a lot which releases many toxins. As a result, your organ system can be greatly improved, like your lungs, kidneys, digestive tract, and liver – all organs and systems that work to filter and eliminate and toxins.

The stimulus of getting more exercise will prime your body to receive nourishment from the fruits and vegetables of your juice cleanse.

3. Lessen or Nix the Caffeine

To get the best results from a juice cleanse regimen, one should encourage the body into a more alkaline, balanced state. If you happen to be a soda or a regular coffee drinker, try to take these off your diet for a certain period of time before you begin a juice fast.

The time period in which you should lessen or eliminate acidic beverages is between one to two weeks before the juice detox regimen.

4. Cease All Alcohol Consumption

The point of a detox is to get rid of toxins, not introduce it to our bodies. Consuming alcohol puts heavy strain on the liver and should be stopped at least two weeks prior to implementing a juice cleanse.

5. Have More Fruits and Vegetables

Make sure that you upgrade your enzyme consumption by starting to eat more vegetables and fruits. You may be thinking to yourself, “Why should I? I’ll be having a lot anyway.” The reason is to accustom your body to the higher fiber intake which is present in fruits and vegetables. Some individuals are sensitive to increased fiber consumption as it can cause a series of gastrointestinal problems. (10)

Be sure to introduce more vegetables and fruits to your diet gradually before going on a juice fast.

6. Minimize Animal Product Consumption

In the last few days leading up to your juice cleanse, strive to consume an exclusively plant-based diet. That means no eggs, meat, as well as dairy products.

Consuming foods high in protein such as red meats and other animal products puts strain on the liver and kidneys. (11) Often times, these organs simply cannot handle the sheer volume of animal protein we consume which results in a build up of toxins.

7. Drink Enough Water

Staying properly hydrated is absolutely essential to help our body get rid of toxins. Getting a sufficient amount of water daily will ensure that we urinate and sweat regularly. Many of the toxins accumulated in our systems are released through sweating and urinating. (12) Before and during juice cleansing, be certain to consume half your weight in ounces of filtered water everyday to guarantee a trouble free, if not comprehensive juice cleanse.

8. Take Your Supplements

Essential nutrients are needed for the body to function optimally during a detox run. Toxin elimination will be stubborn and can saturate the body. Take a supplement to support essential organs and body mechanisms before embarking on a juice cleanse.

Some of these supplements include a complete multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin b-complex, calcium, and other mineral supplements.

9. Get Enough Sleep

For some cultures, the time between 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. is the most crucial period that provides the most detoxifying and rejuvenation. (13) During these three hours, the body is most effective at rebuilding, mending, and eliminating toxins, so getting much needed rest is extremely vital during a juice cleanse course. Try to hit the sack around 9 p.m. and 10 p.m., but don’t fret if you fail to do so, and simply aim for optimal, quality sleep.


At times, we fail to recognize when our body needs a break from stress, unhealthy eating, sleep deprivation, and other poor lifestyle choices we make on a regular basis. Failing to do something about it may lead to sickness, diseases, and an overall unhappy life. Detoxifying the body regularly can greatly improve our health and kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Luckily, there are so many types of detox methods to choose from.

The power of a good detox cannot be underestimated, and a juice cleanse is surely an alternative. A body detox such as a juice cleanse is not merely a quick fix for shedding excess weight, compensating for over-partying, or bad health habits. It produces very tangible and measurable results on how our bodies perform and function and therefore should be considered seriously.


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