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Pear Pomegranate Clove Infused Water

By Mia

Pears are an excellent ingredient to add to your fruit infused detox water because they contain a unique combination of nutrients offering anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer benefits. Flavonoids improve insulin sensitivity and help lower the risk of type-2 diabetes. The unique warm and sweet flavor of cloves goes well with the pears, sending thoughts of dessert to your brain and rewarding yourself with a delicious treat. Cloves are packed with minerals, especially manganese, magnesium, and calcium, all playing a part in our natural detox functions. Add pomegranate seeds for an additional antioxidant kick and a lovely dash of pink.

Pear Pomegranate Clove Detox Water


Pear Pomegranate Clove Detox Water

Pear Pomegranate Clove Infused Water

  • Author: Ana-Maria


  • 4 cups purified water
  • ½ pomegranate, seeds only
  • 1 pear, cut into slices
  • 56 cloves, crushed


  1. Add all the ingredient into a pitcher, mix to combine, cover and let infuse overnight.

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