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Soothing Ginger and Dandelion Tea for Healthy Digestion

By Mia

A good herbal tea can do far more than simply help you relax. And depending on the herbs you choose, you can get a powerful mix of health and restorative benefits. Take, for instance, this ginger and dandelion tea, which you should consider making a nightly ritual, especially if you suffer from tummy issues.

This soothing singer and dandelion tea will aid in healthy digestion and soothe an upset stomach.

Ginger has long been used as a digestive soother. It works along pretty much the entire length of your digestive system, and has long been known to ease indigestion. Not only that, it helps boost your immune system (1).

Ginger is a powerful ingredient to include in your daily diet, and this tea is an easy and tasty way to enjoy it.

Dandelion is a powerhouse of a plant, and one that’s worth learning more about. It is rich in vitamin A, various minerals, protein (more than spinach), and has been used for thousands of years to treat all sorts of disorders, including depression.

digestion tea ingredients

As far as your digestive system is concerned, dandelion root tea functions as a mild laxative and diuretic which promotes digestion and increases bowel movements, and it balances the good, natural bacteria in your intestines (2). So next time you see a field of dandelions, remember that this so-called “weed” is worth a lot to your health, and get picking!

soothing ginger root tea

You can enjoy this tea any time, but it’s especially good before bedtime, thanks to the relaxing benefits of chamomile.

You’ll note that this tea blend uses dandelion root tea. Here’s a guide to the 6 most popular detox tea brands, and their ingredients.

ginger dandelion tea

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ginger tea recipe

Soothing Ginger and Dandelion Tea for Healthy Digestion

  • Author: Detox DIY


  • 1-inch ginger knob, peeled and grated
  • 2 bags dandelion root tea
  • 1 tsp dried chamomile
  • 5 cups purified water, hot boiling


  1. Add all the ingredients into a kettle and infuse for 5 minutes.
  2. Strain and drink warm.

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