70 Best Detox Water Recipes of 2019 for Cleansing and Weight Loss

By Mia

Detox waters are a health and nutrition powerhouse, and for good reason. Drinking these vegetable, herb and fruit-infused waters daily can aid in weight loss, increase your energy, help with healthy digestion, reduce your risk for many chronic diseases and so much more. If you are new to drinking detox water, or you just want some tasty new ideas, take a look at my favorite easy recipes below (these are the best!)

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Easy Detox Water Recipes

Making your own homemade detox water is a fantastic way to nourish your body and get rid of the harmful build-up of toxins within your blood. Here are some of our favorite detox water recipes that you can quickly and easily prepare to help supercharge your health.

3 Detox Waters for Weight Loss- these are my all-time favorite detox waters to cleanse my body and mind. Includes a citrus and mint infused water, honey and cinnamon water and a grapefruit and apple cider vinegar tonic.

3 Fat Burning Detox Waters for Weight Loss

The type of weight you lose is more important than just general weight loss. Lose the fat while keeping your muscles strong with these fat burning detox waters. They’re specifically created to target fat burning while keeping you well hydrated, alert, and ready for the day.

I’m getting thirsty just thinking about our Grapefruit, Lemon, and Sage Infused Water. Hydration and detoxification has never been this tasty!

Grapefruit, Lemon and Sage Infused Water

Grapefruit is one of the top citrus fruits to include in a detox, and this infused water seeps those nutrients from the fruit and makes them easier to drink and get into the body. Combine with lemon and sage and you have a top performer on your hands.

cucumber lemon detox water

Cleansing Cucumber Water (4 Detoxifying Recipes)

See how to make delicious and satisfying cucumber water four different ways. The cleansing power of cucumber is well documented, and you can get its benefits the easy way by simply placing some cucumber into water and adding additional ingredients for flavor and variety.

detox cucumber water

Superfood Flat Belly Cucumber Detox Water To Curb Cravings

This blend of cucumber, ginger, lemon, lime, and savory spices is perfect for boosting your metabolism and fighting off hunger cravings.

DIY Alkaline Water

DIY Alkaline Water

Restore the alkaline balance in your body with this DIY alkaline water recipe made with pink Himalayan salt, bicarbonate, and lemon.

rose water for clear skin

Homemade Rejuvenating Rose Water Recipe – For Clear Skin And Stress

Feeling stressed out lately? This homemade rejuvenating rose water recipe is great for reducing stress. It even helps clear up your skin!

I have been drinking these detox waters everyday and have never felt so fit, healthy and energized! You need to try them.

38 Detox Waters to Cleanse Your Body and Mind

These detox waters work not only to help detox your body, but also your mind. If you suffer from foggy thinking or daily fatigue it could be that you’re not getting enough water, electrolytes, and enzymes found in fruits and veggies. Use these waters to get back on track.

I love these cucumbers waters! They are perfect for an easy daily detox and will keep you hydrated.

27 Cleansing Cucumber Waters for Daily Detox

These waters are great to enjoy on a daily basis, so you can mix them up and keep it interesting so you keep drinking and keep getting the benefits. Water is what we’re mostly made of, and these cucumber waters add even more to the water so it’s extra beneficial.

Detox Water 101: Getting Started

Just getting started on your detox water cleanse? Wondering about potential side effects or the best way to go about following a detox diet protocol? Not even sure if a cleansing regimen is right for you? You’ll find answers to all of these common questions with our beginner’s guides.

detox water side effects

What To Expect From A Detox Water Cleanse – Are There Negative Side Effects?

Not sure what to expect when starting a detox water cleanse? Find out about potential side effects and more importantly, how to minimize them before you start.

how much detox water to drink daily

Recommended Intake Of Detox Water – How Much & When To Limit

Learn how much detox water you should be drinking daily, along with signs to watch for that indicate maybe you should limit your consumption.

detox water cleanse myths

10 Common Misconceptions About The Detox Water Cleanse

There’s a lot of misconceptions and false info out there about doing a detox water cleanse. This article addresses 10 of the most common ones.


Preparing For A Detox Water Cleanse And Detox Diet (+ The Benefits Of Both)

Before beginning your detox journey with either a water cleanse or a detox diet, there’s a few things you can do to prepare your body.

Detox Water FAQ

There are a lot of questions that people have when it comes to starting a detox water cleanse. It’s only natural to want to find out as much as information as you possibly can when taking your first steps towards a healthier you. The following articles address some of the most frequently asked questions that we see popping up over and over again.

Does Detox Water Make You Poop?

Does detox water make you poop more? No need to be shy — it’s actually an incredibly common question! Find out the answer here.

Does Detox Water Help You Lose Weight?

Hoping to shed some unwanted weight by doing a detox water cleanse? Find out the truth when it comes to detox water and weight loss.

Detox Water For Weight Loss: Fact Or Fiction?

Is it really true that detox water helps you lose weight? Check out this article to help you separate the facts from fiction.

Are Detox Water Bottles Safe and Sanitary?

Detox water bottles seem like an incredibly convenient way to enjoy detox water — but are they safe? Find out the pros and cons here.

Detox Foods + Infused Water Ideas

There are all kinds of exciting detox foods and infused water recipes that you can enjoy when doing a cleanse. Here are some of our very favorite ways to not only make your detox as comfortable as possible, but to also make it incredibly enjoyable and flavorful along the way!

10 Really Good Reasons To Drink More Lemon Water (with Recipes)

Lemon detox water just might be the most famous way to naturally cleanse your body. These 10 reasons will help you understand why.

7 Hydrating Benefits Of Cucumbers And Cucumber Water

Cucumber water and cucumbers in general are a cool and refreshing way to help keep your body hydrated. They’re a perfect ingredient for detox waters!

Is Ginger Really That Healthy? (+ 3 Ginger Detox Waters)

Find out the truth about ginger and all of its reported health benefits. As an added bonus, you’ll also find three great ginger water recipes.

7 Longevity Benefits Of Raspberries (+ 3 Raspberry Detox Water Recipes)

Raspberries are well known for their numerous antioxidant benefits. Learn how to enjoy those benefits in a deliciously satisfying and cleansing drink.

6 Anti-inflammatory Benefits Of Cinnamon (+ 3 Detox Water Recipes)

Inflammation is a major cause of modern disease, so check out these three yummy cinnamon water recipes to help keep it at bay.

Detox Water Ingredient Spotlight – Blueberries (with Recipes)

[In this ingredient spotlight you’ll find out exactly why blueberries are such a popular detox ingredient — and get a few bonus recipes as well./bscolumns]

7 Detox Water Ingredients That Will Yield Results Instantly

Only interested in the best of the best when it comes to making detox water? These seven detox water ingredients will get you instantaneous results.

Can You Use Coconut Water As A Detox Water Base? (+ The Benefits)

Coconut water is a delicious and nourishing beverage — but can you use it as a detox water base? Find out the answer within!

Lemon Detox Water (Detoxifying or Just Tasty Water?)

Adding lemon to your water is one sure way to enhance its nourishing effects. You’ll get the vitamin C and antioxidants with the same refreshing quality as lemonade but without the sugar. The enzymes in lemon are noted as being extra helpful for digestion, too.

Other Helpful Detox Water Articles

The journey to a healthier you is a lifelong learning process. If you’re trying to find out as much as you can about doing a natural detox cleanse, here are a few helpful resources that can provide you with more information.

3 Reasons To Drink Detox Water Before Bedtime

Can you drink your detox water before bed? Absolutely! Here are three great reasons why you should be making that a daily habit.

Detox Water For Clear Skin (learn How With Our Detox Water Skincare Routine)

You can definitely detox your way to clearer skin with a detox water cleanse. Here are our top tips to make sure you’re successful.

5 Reasons Detox Water Is So Effective For Dieting (+Nutrition And Diet Tips)

Is detox water a fad diet? Not at all! Here are five reasons why detox water is effective for helping you achieve your dieting goals.

Get Healthy, Radiant Looking Skin With Detox Water

You can enjoy healthier, radiant looking skin in no time flat by following a simple detox water protocol. Find out all the details right here.

These are the best detox water recipes! Just cut ingredients and let infuse overnight for a refreshing, hydrating, cleansing drink.

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