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10 Common Misconceptions About the Detox Water Cleanse

There are often two camps of people out there when it comes to knowledge regarding a detox water cleanse.

The first camp believes the benefits to be unfounded and generally see no value in it whatsoever. They tend to find the entire idea of cleansing using detox water infused with fruit to be a complete waste of time.

The second camp of people tends to think of detox water cleansing as a miraculous cure all that will solve each and every one of their problems. It doesn’t matter what ailment they are afflicted with; once they hear about detox water and some of the benefits that come along with it, they are completely sold and jump onboard.

Unfortunately for both sides of that argument, they’re equally wrong.

No, a detox water cleanse won’t instantly cure whatever health problem that you are suffering from. Don’t expect a total 180 and overnight. At the same time, a detox water cleanse is far from useless. For those people who believe that it does nothing to improve overall health, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

In this article, we are going to address 10 of the most common misconceptions about a detox water cleanse head on. Some of the ideas that people have regarding this method are merely misinformed. Others, downright absurd. We hope to clear up these misconceptions and educate anyone who may be on the fence on whether or not they should attempt a detox water cleanse.

10 Common Misconceptions About the Detox Water Cleanse

1. There are no health benefits

As stated above, this misconception is just flat out false.

The water content alone is enough to disprove this belief, as everyone knows drinking water and staying properly hydrated is good for you. Going beyond that and infusing your water to make detox water can only add to the benefits, and science has demonstrated that there are indeed great health benefits. (1)

Detox water has been shown to improve digestion, aid weight loss, help clear acne breakouts and aging skin, and many other great benefits. Before jumping to conclusions and claiming it doesn’t work, people should at least give it a try and see how many health improvements they notice for themselves.

2. It’s a miracle cure.

The other most common misconception that we mentioned above is that detox water cleansing can be a miracle cure for all of your problems. As much as we wish that were true, it’s also false. There are many great health benefits that accompany a detox water cleansing protocol. Common detox waters like lemon water can improve a lot of unpleasant symptoms associated with digestive issues and greatly aid with weight loss efforts. (2)

However, if you are suffering from a serious chronic medical condition, don’t expect that by detoxing your body you’ll all of a sudden be cured. Be sure to speak with your doctor before considering a detox cleanse, or any new health and diet protocol, in order to be certain that it’s the right choice for you.

3. You’re better off using a sauna to detox.

Many people still subscribe to the belief that if you want to detox, you just have to ‘sweat it out’. And for the most part, they have a point. It is indeed possible to sweat toxins out of your body. That’s actually one of the many great benefits of following an exercise routine.

It’s healthy to sweat every day. So by following that logic, you would think that using a sauna would be the easiest way to detox. After all, you only have to sit down and sweat out the bad stuff. Not so fast though.

While it’s true that using a sauna can be somewhat beneficial, there’s a whole range of risks associated with them, including death! (3) Not to mention that excessive sauna use can easily lead to dehydration. It’s far more convenient to simply mix up a tasty detox water at home and use that to detox and stay hydrated.

4. A detox cleanse works the same for everyone.

Another common misconception with detox water cleansing is that basically all you have to do is show up. Some people believe that by simply starting to drink detox water for weight loss, or to improve digestion, or to help clear up skin, that overnight they will experience all of the great results they may have heard about. There are many factors to consider however.

Some people do a fasting detox cleanse only, meaning for nearly an entire week they skip all meals except for having a detox water.

Other people follow a detox cleanse at the same time as a rigorous exercise program. When you consider these and hundreds of other possible outside factors, it can’t be expected for everyone to have the exact same results. That doesn’t mean that not everyone will experience noticeable health benefits though.

Never compare your results against the results of others. If a detox cleanse makes you feel better than you did before and gives you more energy, you’ll know it’s worth it.

5. Detox-associated weight loss is permanent.

While detox water is a great tool to use for weight loss, as it helps to boost your body’s metabolism (4), it must be stressed that once again, it’s not a magic cure all. There’s a very good reason why most personal trainers and fitness experts advise against so called ‘crash diets’. While they do work for losing weight rapidly, nine out of ten times people regain all of the weight they lose. (5)

For long-term sustained weight loss, you should adopt a more healthy, balanced approach. It’s great to use detox water for weight loss goals, but make it a part of a well-rounded toolbox, not the only tool that you use.

6. You shouldn’t eat during a detox water cleanse.

This misconception can almost go hand in hand with the one listed above. It’s indeed true that some people do decide to do a fasting protocol using detox water. This isn’t a requirement of a successful detox water cleanse, however. In fact, drinking something like lemon water along with a healthy meal is actually a great idea.

The detox water promotes slower absorption of nutrients from your food, ensuring that it gets broken down properly in your stomach and digested properly. (6) It’s entirely possible to provide detox assistance to your liver by drinking detox water while still enjoying all of your favorite meals. There’s no need to starve yourself when doing a cleanse.

7. You can eat junk food and still see results.

This common misconception is almost along the same lines as detox water being a miracle cure. Some people do actually believe that so long as they are drinking something healthy like detox water, it gives them a free pass to then indulge in an unhealthy option, like cookies or ice cream. It’s quite common.

People don’t just do this with detox water. Many people fool themselves by thinking that because they made one healthy decision, they’ve ‘earned’ an unhealthy treat. The truth is that this is a terrible idea at any time, but particularly so during a detox cleanse. Junk food is filled with harmful additives (7), so why would you willingly ingest foods that produce harmful toxins within your body while trying to cleanse yourself of them?

While the occasional snack in moderation is perfectly acceptable, don’t sabotage your detoxing efforts by eating junk food and still expecting to see results.

8. Detoxing will make you feel horrible.

A lot of people are concerned about starting a detox routine because they have heard that it makes you feel awful. They’re worried they will feel sick as their bodies flush out all of the harmful toxins floating around inside. This can actually happen, but most often only affects those people undergoing a very aggressive detox protocol, such as a water or juice fast.

And even then, the unpleasant feelings usually pass fairly quickly to be replaced by wonderful feelings of health, energy and a clearer mind. There are ways to ease the initial discomfort, however (8), so don’t let that concern put you off from trying a detox water cleanse to improve your health. Just plan accordingly, and you’ll get through those first 48 hours.

9. You can get the same benefits by just drinking plain drinking water.

It’s recommended that we all drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Many people are chronically dehydrated without even realizing it. There are several immediately noticeable health improvements that come along with being properly hydrated. It’s because of this that many people scoff at the idea of detox water, thinking that by drinking water alone they can accomplish the same thing.

Detox waters such as lemon water have many proven health benefits. It helps to streamline the detoxification process of your liver, especially while you sleep at night. (9)

This is when your liver is at its busiest, so making a glass of lemon detox water before bed is a great idea as opposed to just a plain glass of water. Not to mention detox water infused with fruits tastes better.

10. You shouldn’t exercise when following a detox water routine

The final misconception that we are going to address in this article does actually have a little bit of truth to it.

As toxins are flushed out of your body by your liver during the detox process, it’s normal to feel slightly weaker than usual. If you are currently doing a heavy weight lifting program or regularly practice intense interval training, it might be a good idea to slightly ease back a bit while following a detox cleanse. This doesn’t mean you should avoid exercise completely, however. Quite the contrary, it’s actually a good idea to still get some form of workout in while detoxing.

Steady state cardio options like jogging or simple bodyweight exercises are perfect for working up a light sweat and not placing too much of a burden on your body. You should also be sure to be getting healthy meals in along with your detox water each day that you exercise to provide your body with a steady stream of nutrients.

The Final Word

We hope that this article helps to clear up some of the most common misconceptions that many people have when it comes to detox waters. They are neither a waste of time nor a miraculous all in one health solution. What they are is a proven and convenient way to start to gradually improve your overall health and wellness.

Provided you take the proper precautions and speak to your doctor before beginning any kind of new routine such as a detox cleanse, they are quite safe to follow. Just be sure to take it easy for the first day or two and monitor how you feel along the way. Keep in mind that some discomfort is normal in the beginning.

With all of this in mind, the only way to find out if a detox water cleanse is right for you is to just give it a try. Ignore the naysayers and all of the bad advice out there and just try it out for at least two weeks. You just might be pleasantly surprised with how much better you end up feeling.


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