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3 Reasons to Drink Detox Water Before Bedtime

Everyone knows that detox water has several benefits for your overall health. But did you know that those benefits can be compounded by drinking detox water before bed? It’s true! It’s definitely possible to put your body into fat burning mode as you sleep. As an added bonus, it can simultaneously aid your body with digestion.

Many of us go to great lengths during the day to improve our health. We try to eat healthy and follow diets, we exercise to keep our bodies in shape, and try to avoid junk food as best as possible. Why shouldn’t this healthy effort continue while we sleep? It’s a great way to end your day on a healthy note while also giving you a headstart the following morning thanks to the work it does while you are sleeping the night away.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking detox water before bed:

3 Benefits of Drinking Detox Water Before Bedtime

1. It helps with food assimilation.

Lemon detox water, in particular, is fantastic to help out with digestion while you sleep. This is due to citrus flavonoids contained in the water. It helps to assimilate food, prevent fatty liver, increase insulin sensitivity, and reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease. All of these benefits are due to its ability to inhibit certain types of fat synthesis within your body. (1)

These flavonoids have also been shown to help with mild indigestion and ease an upset stomach. Lemon detox water can also help to regulate bowel movements and reduce constipation when consumed on a regular basis.

2. It boosts your metabolism.

It’s been proven that water can help to boost your metabolism (2) on its own. By infusing it with different types of fruit and creating detox waters, you can only increase the great weight loss benefits you gain.

When you are sleeping you aren’t usually burning too many calories, but if you have a glass of cold detox water right before bed, you can prompt your body to increase your metabolic rate and burn calories while trying to warm up thanks to thermogenesis. (3)

It also helps your body by releasing fat cells, leading to more water weight loss.

3. It helps remove harmful toxins in the body.

Drinking detox water greatly helps your liver flush out harmful toxins that have accumulated within your body over time.

Your liver is your main source of natural body detoxification. (4) A high intake of fruits and vegetables is a great way to support your liver’s functioning, but not everybody gets the daily recommended amount. Using detox water is a good way to help make up for some of what’s missing. This is crucial as there is evidence that certain toxins found within your body can contribute to weight gain issues. (5)

By drinking detox water before bed you provide natural support to lend your liver a helping hand as you sleep. This is hugely beneficial as the nighttime when you sleep is when your liver is actually the most active in working to rid your body of toxins.

Should You Drink Detox Water with Meals?

You may be wondering to yourself if you should drink your detox water on its own before bed, or drink it with a meal? To be perfectly honest, the choice is pretty much up to you.

A healthy, balanced meal to go along with your detox water is a great way to provide essential nutrients to your body. Keep in mind though, that when you eat a meal with your detox water, the absorption of the detox water will be a bit slower.

This is because the water content will be used to break down the food content in your stomach so your body can absorb the nutrients in the food. (6) This isn’t necessarily a bad thing on its own, but if your main purpose for using detox water is to promote weight loss or help your body with detoxification, you might want to consider skipping the late night meal and opting for the water by itself.

Will You Have a Hard Time Sleeping If You Drink Detox Water Before Bed?

Another common question a lot of people have when it comes to drinking detox water before bed is if it will interfere with their sleep. Again, it all depends.

In most cases, there shouldn’t be any issues, and if anything, it usually helps to promote a better night’s sleep. However, if your detox water is tea-based, it could contain small amounts of caffeine.

For most people, the amount is so negligible as not to cause concern. There’s a small percentage of people out there who are extremely sensitive to the effects of caffeine, however, and if you are one of them, you should be wary of drinking detox water that contains tea before bed. Instead, look for alternative detox water recipes, such as lemon water or strawberry kiwi water. Both are great options for a detox water nightcap.

The Final Word

As you can see, there are several great reasons to start drinking detox water before you fall asleep at night. There aren’t very many other ways to improve your bodily functions and lose weight while you are in a deep sleep.

Whether helping to keep you regular, flushing nasty toxins out of your system, or helping you to keep a flat belly in time for the beach season, a night time glass of detox water can work wonders for you. Maintaining great health doesn’t have to feel like a full-time job. That’s what makes detox water so great. It can work its magic behind the scenes even while you’re making sure you get your full eight hours of sleep.

So the next time you are craving something before bed, skip the unhealthy late night snack and opt for a nice, cool glass of lemon water or something similar instead. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.


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